A Flexible Cost-Efficient Mobile Approach

To a Civil Law Practice in South Carolina


The first rule of civil procedure in South Carolina concerns the “just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action.”  To contain costs, this office relies on technology and mobility.  The costs of representation are not inflated by costly office space and elaborate furnishings.  Computers, cell phones, and internet access, when put to good business use, reduce staffing needs.  This allows the fees clients pay for these attorney services be spent by their attorney focusing professional time and attention on the client’s important legal issues.  While this limits the volume of cases handled in this office, it is the approach this small office prefers.  


Speaking and communicating with your attorney, but not by text

Another benefit for the client in this small office setting is access to their attorney, who will actually answer the phone or promptly return phone calls.  

Electronic Mail or E-mail provides another efficient way the client and attorney maintain good communications, and gather and exchange documents.  Although text messaging is now commonplace, this office does not approve of texting as a means for this office to communicate with clients about privileged matters concerning the representation.